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Learn from Certified Language Specialists with actual training and proven results

Experience genuine mentorship from seasoned language specialists, not just individuals fluent in German.

Our teachers at Global Lingua go beyond instruction; they are rigorously trained to impart the intricacies of the German language to both beginner and advanced learners. We’re dedicated to delivering tangible results and guiding our students in seamlessly integrating into German life and culture through our interactive approach to language learning.

Learn from Certified Language Specialists with actual training and proven results

Experience genuine mentorship from seasoned language specialists, not just individuals fluent in German.

Our teachers at Global Lingua go beyond instruction; they are rigorously trained to impart the intricacies of the German language to both beginner and advanced learners. We’re dedicated to delivering tangible results and guiding our students in seamlessly integrating into German life and culture through our interactive approach to language learning.


We help students get access to premium language training, exam preparation, and scholarship assistance.


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6-8 weeks

A1 level students are able to handle basic communication tasks, initiate simple conversations, and comprehend  written and spoken language.


6-8 weeks

A2 level students are able to handle more complex language tasks, participate in basic discussions, and form sentences with increased complexity and accuracy.


7-8 weeks

B1 level students are equipped to handle a range of professional language tasks, making them capable of effective communication in workplace settings.


8 weeks

B2 level students possess advanced language proficiency and understand how to apply their language skills within the intricacies of their chosen industry.



Jhillian Elise Daguplo
Jhillian Elise Daguplo
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I was able to meet Ms. Shammy through my A1 class. She was quite intimidating at first for she‘s quite target-focused. However, along the way, I find her strategic ways of teaching German as one of the most effective ways out there because there‘s always fun when she‘s teaching and she loves doing it too.

Notwithstanding that learning a new language is still a 60-40 principle, that 60% from one’s effort could be more effective and quite beneficial in the long run if the 40% could give you more than expected. 😊

In addition, Ms. Shammy is a hands-on lecturer. She makes sure that her students learn the language well because she believes that foundations should be at its best for one to learn something at most. That being said, A1 is just the beginning of learning German and having an effective instructor to master it could go a long way.

Angel Keth Alejo
Angel Keth Alejo
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Actually di pa po talaga nagsi-sink in sa'kin na pumasa Ako sa exam. It was definitely a roller coaster ride for me. Yes, at first I was hesitant because I do really have a Zero knowledge in German and I knew that it would be hard since di din madali yung Language talaga plus the pressure that I experience in this journey, but with your [Global Lingua Philippines] help you made it possible for me to learn and gain knowledge about Deutsch. It's still the first step in reaching my dreams but it was an amazing experience from enrolling to your class, attending classes, to reviewing for the exam and finally got a "gut" grade remarks in the exam , waiting nalang sa Certificate. 🙏

Thank You for making it possible to learn the German language and also some of their culture. You are an amazing teacher indeed! Isa din sa mga reasons why I chose to enroll on your class is yung reviews ng previous students mo and tama nga sila, you really have the heart, dedication and knowledge on teaching us efficiently. The mock exams and reviews were really helpful kasi di naman talaga namin mare-recall lahat ng lessons since day 1, pero through your strategy in preparing us for the exam, it will really be possible to pass the exam.
Marianelle Gatchalian
Marianelle Gatchalian
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I think that the heart of any school is its instructor, and Global Lingua Philippines demonstrates this point perfectly. Through endless research and countless begging of signs from the Universe, I came across GLP. Accepting me as a late enrollee was proof that I belonged here and that this journey was truly meant for me.

I really hate the anxious feeling that comes with learning, but surprisingly, I never had it throughout our classes. I never felt overwhelmed, and the pace of the course was just right (take it from me, every minor inconvenience makes me panic). If you're serious about learning German and embarking on a personal language adventure, Global Lingua Philippines is the place to be. The guidance, support, and excellent preparation will surely make you feel well-prepared and confident throughout the entire examination. Danke, Miss Shammy and to the whole GLP team, for making this journey tolerable and unforgettable!
Lara Tan
Lara Tan
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I went to Germany to take up my Masters in Orthodontics. Little did I know I would find my husband and learn more about life than dentistry. Now, 4 years has passed and I am still happily adjusting to the German life. Work-life-balance, Health care system and public transport are one of the few things I like about Germany.

Having Ms. Shammy as my teacher for A1 really gave me a good basis for learning the German language. Her classes were never boring. There were always fun activities that helped us learn and remember the lessons. Her approach to teaching the language is very effective for students to learn, remember and apply in daily life. How i only wish I could have had her as my teacher for A1-C1. She has a way of teaching that no other teacher can. For me, she was the best teacher I’ve ever had.
Ann Villano Visto
Ann Villano Visto
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My A1 and A2 experience was Excellent with GLP. The course structure was very intuitive with lots of helpful content covered.

I was always looking forward to each meeting and it was enjoyable! Learning new language was hard, but our teacher was an inspiration, that we can be as good as her in Speaking German.

Ms. Shammy is an excellent teacher who ensures the whole class understands each topic (no one is left behind). The course is very intense but I have learnt a considerable amount and would definitely recommend to my colleagues.

Vielen Dank und Ich würde diesen Deutschkurs wirklich empfehlen🫶
March Allen Rolf
March Allen Rolf
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I would highly recommend Global Lingua Philippines and thank most especially Miss Shammy who made learning easy and fun for us. In just a month, I was able to learn basic German and she made sure we do not move on to the next lesson unless everyone had fully grasped the topic. Plus, the academy offers the most affordable courses without compromising the quality of teaching!

Although I was quite nervous about taking my A1 exam, Miss Shammy was there every step of the way to make sure I was fully prepared. Finally, I am here in Germany living the best life! 💖

I am so happy I chose Global Lingua. ✨



Au Pair Program

Travel to Germany through the Au Pair Program. Live with a supportive host family and provide childcare services in exchange for room, board, and the chance to immerse yourself in a new culture.

Ausbildung Program

Study in Germany, complete with an allowance and hands-on training at accredited centers through our vocational training and practicum program. Acquire a Schengen Visa, opening doors for you to explore the diverse wonders of Europe.

Visa Consultation

Applying for a fiancee VISA or a family reunification VISA? Or planning to study or work in Germany? Our partners offer assistance and support to help you get approved in less time.

Superintensive Exam Review

Need a refresher? Join our intensive review classes and learn directly from our licensed examiners for Goethe and Telc exams. Gain a competitive edge today.

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Sharmayne Cortez

Language Director, German Language Teacher

With over 9 years of teaching experience in German as a Foreign Language, Sharmayne is passionate about promoting German language education and cultural exchange. She is a certified German teacher, licensed Goethe examiner (A1-B2), and licensed Telc examiner (B1-B2).

Trained in Teaching German as a Foreign Language in Germany, she has successfully helped individuals, especially Filipino nurses, land dream jobs and studies. 

As the Language Director, Sharmayne oversees language programs, ensures quality standards, and collaborates with stakeholders. Beyond her professional role, she manages a courier services company and is passionate about social justice, personal finance, poetry, and dogs.

Adam Rey Agustin

German Language Teacher, European Masters Student in Lexicography (Erasmus Mundus Scholar)

Graduating Magna Cum Laude in European Languages with a Major in German at UP Diliman, and teaching the language right after, it is apparent that Adam is a true German language aficionado. Currently, Adam is doing his Masters in 4 different universities across 4 various countries in Europe (of course including Germany) as he is a recipient of the highly competitive Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarship. He attended Deutsch als Fremdsprache (Teaching German as a Foreign Language) and has been teaching the language for 7 years now. His passion for languages allowed him to help hundreds of students reach their dreams – whether it be professionally or personally. He is also a licensed examiner of Goethe Institute Examinations from A1-B2.

Rafael Cruz

German Language Teacher, Budding Software Developer, Hotelfachmann

Raffy, a budding software developer and one who studied and trained in Hotel Management in one of the most beautiful cities and one of the biggest harbors in the world – Hamburg, has been living for years now in Germany and occasionally trotting Europe. 

He started teaching the language and helping students when he was a Sprachassistent or Language Assistant at Germany’s cultural center around the globe – Goethe Institute (Manila). 

Even until he migrated to Germany, he did not stop helping fellow Filipinos learn and understand the language. Whether it’s explaining a technical grammatical concept or wading through the German slang or even what makes German tick, Rafael teaches for one reason: to help people realize their dreams, too.

Atty. Chad Patrick Osorio

University Lecturer for Environmental Economics, International Law & Social Psychology | Consultant, Author and Public Speaker

Chad is an international academic, lawyer and applied economist advocating for human and environmental rights. As a full scholar of the French government, Chad graduated at the top of his class with a Master II Business, Law and Economics from L’Université d’Aix-Marseille, mention très bien.

Chad has spoken at various int’l events, notably for the Int’l Conference on Human Rights and Peace & Conflict (Thailand), ASEAN Youth Leaders’ Ass’n (Viet Nam), & Asian Development Bank (Japan), among many others. 

He teaches university and training courses on International Law, Intermediate Economics, Criminal Psychology, and Legal Terminology, among others.

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